Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Our dream venue: Dunston hall

Mike and I met at the beginning of my third year at University in Norwich. Two years later I went back to Norwich to study for my Masters degree and Mike was a regular vistor: they were such fun times and we have such happy memories of being in Norwich together. We decided almost immediately that it was where we wanted to get married. And almost as quickly after than we both knew our dream venue: Dunston Hall.

They say a picture says a thousand words, and I think these pictures probably explain why this is my dream venue more than I ever could: it's breathtakingly beautiful, slightly gothic, has been lovingly restored and the grounds couldn't be more perfect. I'm already imagining having our photos taken by the lake with the hall in the background. It has one of those long sweeping drives that awes vistors when they see it for the first time, the food is exceptional, and inside it looks just as gorgeous as it does from the outside.

There are lots of other venues in Norwich and because Dunston Hall is quite expensive i'm sure we will consider our options (Mike loves considering all the options, he's so much more sensible than I am!) But Dunston Hall are having there annual open day on Sunday and we're going, along with our mums (the first time they are meeting, which is pretty exciting!). I know I won't be happy unless I come home with everyone agreeing that its the perfect place for us to get married: and then we can get on and book it, and hang the expense: after all, you only do this once!


  1. You go for it! I fell in love with a place not even in our County but had gone to a friends wedding there and fell in love with the place. I was in awe as we drove in. I got married in March so the ceremony was in the Tower in the grounds whereas my friend got married on the lawn in high summer. Although it was expensive they did midweek packages and we opted for one of these otherwise it would have been completely out of our price range, so check if your venue does the same. Ours was Leez Priory in Essex and my eldest daughter informs me she will be getting married there also, thats why I am saving already!

  2. exciting times - can't wait to see it on Sunday.