Wednesday, 26 May 2010

More on Bridesmaids dresses

Don't you just hate the phrase "online exclusive"? It implies that your getting something better than you can get in store, but really it just means that you have to order bridesmaids dresses without any of the maids having tried the dress on, and invariably, it means you have to send it back!!
This duchess silk dress from Coast is an "online exclusive". It costs £125, and would be perfect for my maids as it's a slight A line skirt: such a flattering shape! Its also the perfect colour, and I have been finding it so hard to find bridesmaids dresses in the perfect shade of blue. The taffeta sash is very "alice" and is also removable, which means the girls can lower it or change it: basically adjust it in such a way that it is flattering to their figures. I just don't know if i'm brave enough to order them online without knowing if they'll fit, only to have to risk the hassle of braving the post office and sending them back!

Love, Tor x


  1. The only way to find out is order them and try ? That's the only pitfall of on-line shopping but you can always maybe go to Coast and try on their dresses for sizing in a similar style?

  2. How about measuring the bridesmaids for size? On most websites there's a little page thing with sizes in inches or cm (waist, hips, bust) so if you measure them and find out the exact size they are they might be more likely to fit? Or if they're between sizes get one size up and taken in at a seamstress/dressmakers :3 - PS here's the Coast size guide

  3. I was originally going to comment and say "go for it! the post office isn't that scary!" and then realised two things:

    1. The post office is pretty scary.
    2. When's your wedding? because I found dresses in the perfect fuchsia shade a long time before my wedding, and we promptly bought them for 2 out of 3 bridesmaids (I did 2 in fuchsia with black shoes and 1 (maid of honour) in a black dress with fuchsia shoes) but then! horror of horrors, a month before the wedding found that they no longer fit. And it had been so long since purchase that we couldn't return them. Thankfully we found 2 other dresses in the exact same shade but it was an unnecessary cost and quite annoying.