Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hello Lover - Seven Favourites

I've been tagged by teawithonesugarplease to reveal seven pairs of my favourite shoes. However, as tea herself says, this would be like asking a mother to reveal which of her children she likes best. (Unless my mum is reading in which case the answer is me) So, because it's too hard to choose, and because this is a wedding blog, not a blog about my wardrobe, i'm going to cheat slightly: so here are the seven pairs of shoes I would most like to wear when I get married

1. Vivienne Westwood Melissa (Lady dragon) in Pearl/Red
Actually when I had decided on my theme I immediately thought of these shoes. They have the perfect whimsical 'Alice' feel, they aren't too high so i'd be able to dance in them all night, and the peek of red would look great when I flashed it from under my wedding dress! They're only £90, but for the next 2 weeks Vivienne Westwood has an offer on all it's summer Melissa styles: 20% off. I've been toying with going to pick them up (Even if they don't end up matching my dress, they're great summer shoes!)

2. Lanvin satin shoes
I saw these on the outnet, reduced to £468 from £780, and thought they were everything you would expect from a good wedding shoe: diamante detail, metallic heel, lovely satin detail, and the extra fashion detail of the black ankle strap.

3. Carvella Guess shoes

I wanted to throw in a high street option, and also something on a really high stiletto: i'm not the tallest girl in the world, and toy with wearing stilts under my dress so that I look tall and lean on my wedding day! These beauties are probably a little too disco-y, but I love the heel and the angles.

4. Chistian Louboutin sparkly heels
You can't put together a wedding shoe list without two things: diamante, and Christian Louboutin. This pair encompasses both. At a wince-worthy £1,225 they are well out of my budget but I don't think a single girl wouldn't want to wear these on her wedding day.

5. BHS Bridal, £24.99
I've put these in because they're pretty, and to show that bridal shoes don't have to cost over a thousand pounds. I think it's important sometimes to take a step back and remember that why you're doing it is important, not how much you're spending!

6. Dune Jezzy
These shoes are gorgeous and just £99 - In fact, Dune has a really good collection of wedding shoes. If you're looking for something traditional but with an interesting twist then I would really recommend Dune as a place to look - I find their shoes suprisingly comfortable too!

7. Diane Hassall, Buttercup

I really love the vintage shape and feel of these shoes, as well as their sensible heel. They're great for a wedding, but I cant help but think that if i'm spending £189 on a pair of shoes, i'd like to be able to wear them again. And I don't think you could with these.

Of all the pairs, I think its the Vivienne Westwood ones for me! Which is your favourite? And what kind of shoes did you/will you wear to your wedding?

Love, Tor xx


  1. The Christian Louboutins and Dunes are my favourites, although i'm not usually a fan of peep toes... You've gotta have a bit of bling on a wedding shoe ;-)

  2. Love your selection - go for Viv Westwood as you will want to wear the shoes again