Thursday, 1 July 2010

The right dress for you?

I love this kind of article: finding "the right dress for your body shape" and when I saw that Gok Wan had written one for I knew I could design (just for fun you understand) the dress of my nightmares.

You see, i'm what Gok would call a Petite girl, a curvy beauty, and a cleavage diva. So I should be wearing an above the knee halkerneck or one shoulder dress (the image shows a mini party dress), a 50s dress with a pleated or gathered skirt and a bolero to cover my arms (the image shows a mother of the bride outfit in white) or a slim fitting dress with a deep v. (the image shows a night gown slashed to the waist: what the "cleavage diva" is supposed to do with her breasts, given there is no room for a bra, I have no idea)

Imagine what all of this put together would look like: my "perfect" dress is a nightmare!!

Instead, here is some proper dress porn. I don't know what I want my own dress to look like yet, but I love all of these:
Screw Gok and his rules: I want tulle, ruffles, and bows!

Love, Tor

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  1. Exciting times - I can't wait for you to try some on.