Friday, 25 June 2010

Prop hire: Now that makes a theme!

So the wedding planning is plodding along nicely, but it just hasn't been feeling theme-y enough. Not enough Alice, not enough quirkiness, not enough of us. So imagine my delight when I found that Event Prop Hire has a whole section of Alice in Wonderland props.

Here is my dream wish list of all the props I would like to bring my wedding to life, but I worry it might be too much, both in terms of the athetics and the expense. I've just sent off for a quote, so we'll see! It could be that my wedding looks like this:
And this is what that all is:
Giant drink me bottle (pink)
China tea cup (pink)
China tea cup (white)
Giant crockery stack
Small crockery stack x 2
Flamingo on grass base x 2
Looking glass entranceway
Giant 3D white rabbit
Silhouette panel - Alice
Silhouette panel - White rabbit

I love the looking glass entryway and the idea that people would have to walk through the looking glass to enter our wedding. The silhouette panels are life sized (as tall as a man) and are the same picture style that i'm using on all of my stationary. These would come into their own during the evening part of the wedding. The drink me bottle would look amazing next to the bar, the small crockery stack on the dessert buffet table, the taller stack by the evening food. The flamingos on the lawn, and the rabbit - well I don't quite know where he would go but who doesn't want a giant white rabbit at their wedding!?

What do you guys thing? Is it too much? If you had to cut this list in half what would you opt for?

Love, Tor xxx


  1. I love it all...this is the sort of thing I was expecting when you said Alice in Wonderland wedding. I still think croquet on the lawn shoild be an option. As far as cuts go..... there isn't any, have it all.

  2. I never knew such a company existed, it's an amazing idea! Should definitely help you get your hands on some great things :)

    Although I love all those props, I think it probably depends on the size of your wedding if it's too much or not. Having said that, there is nothing on that list that I would even consider cutting. I would say one of the flamingos...but we wouldn't want the other to get lonely lol.

  3. I reckon the looking glass is a great idea but you could probably find a prettier one than the one above. Or even fashion it yourself.I think the entrance area would look prettier with silver bead curtains. something like this. You could try and fashion the frame to look like a bigger version of this You could go to B&Q or similar and buy decorative timber for dado rails and knock it up in an afternoon. Everything else is cool though!

  4. Hello!

    Event Prop Hire here. We love your blog- please could you call us on 0845 2716 018 to discuss your wedding? Ask for Katie!

    Looking forward to hearing from you :-)

    Katie @ Event Prop Hire x

  5. go for it - I went to a Hollywood themed wedding at Pinewood Studios which was a blast all the guests dressed up as a movie character - I went as Princess Leia (yep had the wig/buns) it was such a blast and truly memorable and had us talking about it for years to come - which is what you want for a wedding x