Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wedding planning: the update!

Can you believe we only got engaged a month a go? Neither can I! It has both flown by and simultaneously feels like we've been engaged forever! Sorry I haven't updated for a little while, but before you get to have fun with the pretty stuff (the bit I am most looking forward to!) you have to sort out the big things first. The three big things I wanted to sort by the end of July are: date, church, venue.

Date: This was the easiest decision of the three, and one we made fairly quickly. We know we wanted to get married next year, and that we wanted to get married in the summer (for the rainless weather, although that's never really guarenteed) August is too hot (we're both fair skinned and don't really react well to being in the sun for too long) June too unpredictable (look at the rain we're having at the minute!) so we settled on July. We think it will either be the 15th or the 22nd depending on the vicar (The venue can fit us in on both dates)!

Venue: I thought I wanted a big country manor with sash windows and old fashioned charm. But all the country manors we saw left us both feeling cold. Turns out what we actually wanted was the blank canvas only a modern hotel could provide, and we've found the one that's right for us: Barnham Broom hotel is actually a country club with a spa (yay!) and lots of room for all the props and fuss my aesthetically minded heart desires! They also have award winning catering, and mouth watering menus: that's us sold!

Church: This is the hardest of the three. Who knew there were soo many rules to having a church wedding?! We aren't eligible to get married in the church near our dream venue. We didn't think we would be eligible to get married in Norwich at all, but that has been overcome due to the new prior residency clause and we can get married in the small (less pretty) local church nearby to where we used to live. My heart is set on the big pretty one near the venue though. We're meeting the vicar of that church on Sunday: fingers crossed I can turn on the charm and we can make it work. Wish us luck!

Mike and I are yet to have our first wedding related fight: all the big decisions have been mutual and come together fairly easily (touch wood!!) I know we'll have to have one eventually, but that's one task I am prepared to put off! Other than that everything is progressing well: as soon as we have set the final date (hopefully this weekend) I will need to send out our save the date cards, as we have relatives spread far and wide. That's the next pretty job on my list, and I will be posting samples shortly!

Love, Tor xx

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  1. Hello! Someone pointed me to this site because I'm having a similar-themed wedding. We're just got engaged in late May and our theme is going to be "Mad Hatter Garden Tea Party". It won't be full-blown Alice - no cards, Queen of Hearts, or anything from that part of the story really. Mostly it will be a lot of Eat Me/Drink Me, mushrooms, flowers, tea, and of course, fabulous hats. I think I'm going to dress my flower girl up as a Cheshire Cat as well! :-) (I think it'd be adorable to have a White Rabbit ring bearer, but we don't have any little boys in our lives that we feel particularly close to.) I'd love to share ideas back and forth! I think you're a bit farther along than we are... one of our biggest challenges right now is a very restricted budget. It's difficult to create a magical dream world on limited funds! Good luck with everything and I hope both of our weddings are gloriously bizarre and beautiful! - Candyce