Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Wedding party gifts

When it came to getting presents for my bridesmaids, I knew immediately what I wanted to do. Similarly, Mike and I both had the same great ideas for gifts to give our parents and grandparents. But the groomsmen? We're at a loss! A lot of the groomsmen gifts seem a little cliche: something silver and engraved. Mike seems to think silver and engraved is a good idea, so we're going with that, but I didn't want anything tacky. Today I discovered Simply dazzling.com.Some of the gifts are the standard cliched fayre; engraved paperweight or champagne flutes, anyone? But some of the gifts are actually really quirky and funny. All of our ushers, groomsmen and best man are Mike's old school friends, so I loved the idea of giving them sterling silver prefect-style badges as momentos, perfect for invoking memories of when they all met.

I admit, they're pretty useless presents that I doubt any of the guys will use after the wedding day, but then how many people do you see carrying engraved hip flasks, or wearing cufflinks that say groomsmen on them? I think i'd rather we got them these as a novelty keep sake (they cost just £5.50 per piece) and then paid for them all to play a round of golf on the morning of the wedding.

What do you guys think? Clever or naff? Do you have any good ideas for groomsmen gifts? I'm completely stumped, so i'd love to hear them!

Love, Tor xx


  1. I think these are great ideas - so much better than cufflink - who wears those nowadays apart from at weddings

  2. Clever! I think these are adorable.
    And, would be a cute addition to any blazer - especially as time passes. If Craig ever got one I would co-opt it quickly!