Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The next big project: the brooch bouquet

With my severe hayfever I knew I couldn't carry a bouquet of fresh flowers. I originally toyed with paper flowers (made from the pages of my favourite books) but then mum suggested I check out brooch bouquets, and it was love at first sight:
Apparently these are easier to make than they look, and armed with an online tutorial, i'm prepared to give it a go! To make one of these you need 75 brooches. I want lots of large enamel flower ones, as well as quirky "Alice" themed ones: yesterday my sister picked me up a door mouse, and i'm looking for top hats, rabbits, and dresses too.

So far I have four brooches that would be perfect (3 from my collection, plus the one found by my sister) but I intend to thrift and check out carboot sales. Family are also contributing pieces, making it even more special, and mum is going to help me weave my late Grandma's wedding ring into the stem.

As i've mentioned, my mum and sister are really crafty, so i'm confident that if I can't make this work, they can. What can possibly go wrong?! HA!

I will keep you updated with my progress: I just ordered my florist wire and green pipe cleaners (believe it or not, that's the base of the stems!) so I should have at least a couple of brooch flowers to show you next week.

Love, Tor xx


  1. I love it and I am sure that between us we can create something beautiful and meaningful that can become an heirloom. Ask family and friends that you really care about to contribute a brooch of theirs, then it will certainly be something to treasure.

  2. That is a lovely idea! Especially using your grandma's ring too. Far better than flowers, which would just die and have nowhere near the same amount of sentimental value :)

  3. That is such a special idea genius - good luck hunting them down. tis the season for church jumble sales and summer fetes so keep your eyes peeled

  4. They are wonderful - what a great idea!

  5. This is a fabulous idea...I have been looking on the net for a brooch bouquet because my daughter also suffers from allergies and this is something that you can keep and pass on..something old and something new...Love it!