Thursday, 5 August 2010

We've booked our honeymoon!

On July 17th 2011, this will be the view from our hotel window. Yup, window view, right on the beach (although there are also 5 separate pools if we get tired of the beach!) Everytime I google pictures of our resort I want to squeal! We have booked our honey moon and will be spending two weeks in a five star resort in Sharm el Sheik. We're going to snorkel, go on a desert safari, and of course spend days in Luxor and Cairo. There will also be much eating, drinking, and merriment: We're both so excited! I brought us guide books (they're buy one get one free in WHSmith at the minute) and i've already read both from cover to cover. I'm always like this when I go anywhere; I want to immerse myself in the culture and the history and know everything! Only 11 and a half months to wait!

Love, Tor xx

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  1. I personally think you should take me with you....think about the years I have taken you with me.