Friday, 20 August 2010

Mad as a hatter!!

The first decision I made when we got engaged was that I wanted a veil: i've always dreamed of one, floating ethereally behind me, whilst I pretend to be demure. To me it isn't the big white dress or the designer shoes or the bouquet of flowers that make you a bride: it's the tulle or lace flowing behind you, trailing from your hair. I can't imagine getting married without a veil, really.

But you can't wear a veil all the night long, and after the ceremony and the formal photos I will take it off. I think I want to replace it with this hat from seamstress of avalon:
Mike is wearing top hat and tails (his choice, suprisingly, rather than mine, and I think he will look perfectly dapper!) I was planning to make a 10/6 card to slip into the brim of his hat. Now i'm definitely going to make him one, and we will make quite the pair in our matching hats! Love it!

Love, Tor xx

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