Sunday, 15 August 2010

DIY Make-up

Because of all the events I go to, i'm forever having my make up done, and I always hate the way it looks when someone else does it. So I will be doing my own make up for the wedding. But I won't be using my own everyday make up: because this is my wedding day I will be investing in some premium products for a flawless look. (Actually, lovely mum will be investing, as she's going to buy them for me for Christmas!) That means we get the fun of going to all the make up counters and trying all their yummy products before putting together the perfect package for the big day. Yesterday we tried Dior:
I love how flawless my skin looks (their colour correction base is great) the long long lashes are gorgeous, and I know I want the old-school glamour of red lips (with matching red nails) But I think the eyes are just a little too much: too dramatic for the wedding when teamed with the red lips. However i'm viewing this as a good thing: I have now learnt I don't want the smokey eyes as well, and would rather go for a subtle slick of liner, and lashings and lashings of lengthening mascara. A bit more natural on the eye front next time!

The face lasted all day, and even the lipstick survived the munching of pizza and soft drinks. I''ve definitely found a couple of products i'd like to get: next weekend we're trying Chanel (I have high hopes for their lipstick!)

Love, Tor xx

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  1. I love the eye make-up maybe you could re-fresh your make-up for the evening and have smokey eyes then?