Friday, 13 August 2010

Dessert buffet table decorations

The one thing that won't happen to anyone at our wedding is that they go home hungry. Mike and I are big foodies, and we knew that we wanted to make sure everyone was full and happy. When it boiled down to it, in the choice between free bar and plenty of food, we hated the idea of people being drunk and starving! People will be greeted with canapes and champagne, then sit down to a three course dinner. Then in the evening there will be a big BBQ, and everyone will take home big chunks of wedding cake. (My nan is buying us the cake as a wedding gift, and she likes everyone to be full too, so we'll have far more than we need!) But alongside the BBQ is the part of the food that i'm most excited about: the sweet and cupcake buffet!

My sister will be making some of her famously delicious cupcakes (which she's designing to match the theme of the wedding and then putting on gorgeous cake stands) Then i'll be filling jars, sugar bowls, tea pots and anything else I can get my hands on, with old fashioned sweets. It's going to look visually amazing, and taste wonderful too. And it will look even more wonderful with the addition of these mad hatter-style stacks:

Aren't these great!? Hand crafted by my very talented mum! They look so higgaldy piggaldy, just like a stack of crockery left over after a mad party. And they have buttons and brooches spilling out of them: i'm thinking of putting sweets on each of the plates too! The brown teapot in the stand at the back was the gift my godfather gave my parents on their wedding day. I think these will look amazing sat on either side of the dessert buffet table, but I think it's even more amazing that my mum made them for us, and they actually mean something: who knew this wedding would turn me into such a sentimental old goat?!

Love, Tor xx


  1. Glad you liked them. Bought Amie a vintage cup cake stand this morning so I am sure that will form part of the display as well.