Wednesday, 10 November 2010

DIY Photobooth/guest book hybrid!

Wow, I can't believe it's been a month since my last post! We've had a really busy time, with loads of amazing progress made, so I must keep writing these updates. My latest DIY project is currently in progress, and it's one i'm really proud of, so I just had to share its evolution so far:You know those things that have no name, those things you put your head through and have your picture taken when you go to the fair? Well we really wanted to have those for our wedding guest book. So much more interesting that a load of signatures! We intend to have one for the boys and one for the girls: An Alice and a Mad Hatter. The painting of the alice is complete, whilst the hatter is still a work in progress. The final picture is the finished Alice:
We took 6 ft by 2 ft thick gauge MDF boards, and painted them pale pink then left them to dry. Then it was time to get creative and draw on the Alice with pencil. Once I was happy with the drawing I painted in the block colours, one colour at a time. Again, this was left to dry. Then came the trickiest bit of this crazily simple process: creating the block cartoon effect by going around the painting in a thick black marker pen. Simples!

The Hatter has had his background painted, and is just waiting for me to get creative with my paints and pencils! At the weekend both boards will be making a trip to Lincolnshire, where Daddy and Grandad Fabfrocks will be cutting out their faces and building them A frames so that they stand up independantly, and safely.

Without sounding to vain, i'm really pleased with how this one has turned out. I just hope the Mad Hatter looks as good when i've finished him!

Love, Tor xx