Thursday, 16 December 2010

Update: Every girl needs her mum

Hi guys,
It's been a long time since i've updated, and progress on the wedding planning has really slowed down this month, as we've been taking a break and focusing on Christmas instead: you can't assemble a tree and make mince pies by the thousand and buy and wrap a million presents whilst stressing about a wedding at the same time!But the cut outs for the photobooth are complete: here are pics of how they looked before I took them home, where my amazing dad and grandad are cutting the faces out and building frames around them so they stand up. I can't wait to get home for Christmas to see how they look (as well as because I can't wait to get home for Christmas!)

When I went home last month to visit my folks and take the cut outs up for their final creation, mum and I had three days of wedding planning and crafty fun. We choose the ribbon colours for the confetti cones (which mum is making herself) got some great inspiration for the reception, and went to Horncastle, a local antiques town, where we picked up lots of the remaining tea cups needed for the place settings, as well as tea pots for our floral arrangements on the tables, old fashioned vases, for the flowers in the bar area and cut glass bottles for our homemade vodka to sit in on the bar. We also got a giant goblet/vase which I loved, and which we will be using for the sweetie buffet:
It will brilliant to have the time with mum to talk non-stop about the wedding and make plans. My mum is ridiculously crafty (much more so than me) and it was great to hear all her ideas (and of course give her a big list of extra things to do!!!) It was a massive weight off my shoulders to know that my mum could craft half the ideas I could barely explain in my head (and didn't think they were crazy!) Like the title says: every girl needs her mum!

All in all it was a massively successful trip, and I can't believe I didn't write it up sooner!
Love, Tor xx

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    Hi Tor, have you seen these? Just browsing in preparation for my own wedding and thought they would be lovely for a wedding with an Alice in Wonderland touch to it! Emily xx