Monday, 11 October 2010

Guest book/Photo album/Keepsake box: Done!

I've been looking for the gift box/photo album/keepsake box set for ages, but haven't seen anything I wanted: I didn't want something with "wedding" embellished across the front. Then I toyed with something Alice themed, but didn't want something that garish to sit on my coffee table for all eternity.
Tonight Mike and I popped into Paperchase to check out the Christmas stuff (which I always absolutely love!) and I saw this and fell in love. Silver leather with flocking embossing: what's not to like?! It's very simple, and very chic, which is just what you want in something you're going to keep forever. It's more surprisingly sophisticated than I expected I would like but in the flesh it's lovely: the grain of the leather is stunning!
On the subject of Paperchase, this is the display they had behind the tills: milk bottles with pages torn from books wrapped inside as scrolls. I thought it looked really effective, and if I have any nooks and crannies at the venue that need filling this would be a cheap but eyecatching way of doing it!

Love, Tor xx

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