Tuesday, 31 May 2011

More reception wonderland wonderful-ness!

Hi guys,
Whilst mum has been working on creating all of our wonderful flowers (both for the church and the reception)and the confetti cones, I have been busy doing a little crafting of my own. Well, I say crafting, but it's mostly printing, designing, and assembling stuff to be honest. Everything has a wonderlandy theme of course:

To keep with the vintage/victorian theme (we're doing original Alice in Wonderland as opposed to the Disney film) we scoured car boot sales for different gold frames: each table will have a different one (this is just a selection). I then printed out the menus with the mad hatter logo on the top, and voila!

Table Names
Our tables are named: Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Chesire Cat, Jabberwocky, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. I tried doing the table name cards with pictures but it looked too twee and cartoony, so instead they are the names surrounded by what I hope looks like a wonderlandy forest, printed in monochrome.

Drink Me Bottles
Our favours on the tables are vintage cups and saucers with a sugared mouse sat on the rim. However I loved the 'drink me' bottles idea, and wanted to do that too! So we bought the bottles, filled them with blueberry vodka, and added the drink me tags. I then put them in this big gorgeous basket, and one will be handed to each guest as they arrive: that way they have to drink the potion to shrink and get through the door (like in the book!)

Love, Tor xx

Sunday, 29 May 2011

You're very welcome (bags!)

Hi guys,
See, I promised you lots of posts in quick succession!

The focus of the wedding planning and all the DIY and ideas has been on little touches: making sure people have as nice a time as possible, and the easiest way to do this is to focus on the small details i'm sure other people don't remember: either that, or this is just a sign of how anal I am! What I want though is to give people little 'oh what a nice touch' surprises throughout the whole event, starting before the wedding even begins!

Anyway, one of the things I wanted to do is something I read about in on an American blog that apparently happens a lot in weddings in the States: welcome bags for the guests that are staying in our hotel. So here they are:
I bought the cotton bags online, then using a cardboard stencil that i'd made myself and some red fabric paint I added the heart. I then 'Aliced' it up using a pack of luggage tags and my trusty Alice template. And here's what's inside:
A Norwich postcard (which has a welcome note from us on the back), Norwich map, Norwich events guide (So they can get about and enjoy the rest of their weekend) bottle of water and some mints (always handy) tea bag and chocolate rabbit (Alice themed) and a scented candle in a glass jar. All stuff that will (hopefully) make a couple of nights in a new town even more pleasant!

Love, Tor xx

Church flowers - tick!

Hi guys,
Sorry it's been a long time since my last post! We've been so busy working on the wedding that I just haven't had time to write about it too! But things have been happening at an amazing pace, and I can't believe how much we've done (having said that, I can't believe how much I have left to do either!) But now i've taken a breather and have the time to update about all our exciting progress: prepare for several posts full of pictures!

First up, the incredible silk flowers for the church:

My talented mum made these too, and they match the long and low she made for the top table at the reception perfectly. I love the lanterns with the cascading vines, which we're going to put on tall shepherd crooks at either side of the aisle. I also love the pew ends, which are the perfect mix of blousy and traditional and thoroughly modern. The wreath is going to go on the church door for a classy traditional feel, and we are thinking of having additional lanterns (with candles inside) leading up the church path.
As well as making all the flowers, mum has also made the confetti cones, so that people can throw stuff at us when we leave the church. The actual cones are made of printed pages from the original Alice in Wonderland book: it's attention to detail like this that other people probably won't notice, but I go totally geeky for! I love these!

Love, Tor xx