Friday, 25 March 2011

Top Table Flowers: Done (with added wow!)

Hi guys,
As you may or may not know, I suffer horribly with hayfever. It's a curse, especially when you love fresh flowers as much as I do. But I knew from the start that no matter how much I love flowers, I wasn't going to ruin my day with streaming eyes and a puffy face: whats the point of a wedding you can't enjoy? Which meant no fresh flowers in my immediate vicinity. So the bridesmaids bouquets are real flowers. Mine is brooches. The reception tables will have real flowers. The top table will have....THIS:
Did you all "WOW" as much as I did when I saw these pics? And then double check, because you couldn't quite believe these were silk flowers, not real ones? My super crafty mum made this using a picture I had sent her on a real flower long and low that I loved. Only this one looks better. The colours are perfect, so countryside, but eyecatching and vibrant at the same time. And this one has the added bonus of containing a hidden tea set! Can you see the cups and saucers and teapots peaking out? I'm going to call that a massive Alice in Wonderland win!
Mum also made these teacups full of flowers, which are going to sit on the patio tables on the lawn of the garden. Oh the irony and topsy turviness of having real flowers inside and silk ones outside. I love them!

My mum is a crafting genius, and she also works surprisingly fast: i'm going to have to give her another list of craft project ideas to get working on!

Love, Tor xx

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