Monday, 14 February 2011

Invitations done: Well, almost!!

Hi guys,
Saturday saw the day I had been waiting for for a long time: my big invitation making production line/workshop/slave drive (Delete as you see appropriate!) Myself, both of my sisters (Amie and Lucy) and Lucy's new baby Lily all gathered and got down to work. It was a day filled with cutting sticking, and more tea staining than i've ever seen before in my life! Here is the day in pictures:
Obviously I wanted them to look very Alicey. But I also wanted them to have a vintage Victorian feel: like our guests had been invited to the original tea party over 100 years ago, but the invite got lost in the post, and this is how it looks now. All that's left to do is print and insert the main invite detail sheet and line the envelopes (I'm going to line them with vintage style maps to wonderland). Then these beauties are ready to post, way ahead of schedule. I think they look great!

Love, Tor xx


  1. I think they look fantastic and I love the idea of the key. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh so to speak. Lily looked as if she was a real help.

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