Monday, 17 January 2011

This is what 62 tea cups look like....

If you ever wanted to see what 62 tea cups look like all in a row then this is it!

We're inviting exactly 62 people to the wedding, so i've ticked operation "find vintage tea cups" off my to-do list. I am going to buy another 4-5 if I see them though: that way i'll have spares just in case some get broken!

Other successful missions we've achieved this month are:
-We've booked a DJ, and started putting together our playlist.
-We've bought our groomsmen gifts and i've packaged them up (with personalised tags)
-I've found the car I want (we're going to view and hopefully book it in a fortnight)
-The table place cards are finished
-We have appointments with a florist and chair cover company
-I bought the last bits I needed for my make up bag
-We have new luggage for our honeymoon (Thank you Debenhams sale!)

Love, Tor x

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